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Server Upgrade

So my month - possibly year has been made with 1 phone call just 30 minutes ago,

A friend called me up (never met him before in real life) offered me an interesting preposition. He befriended a man from Softlayer recently and with that he go an interesting preposition.

A Quad Core 2.60Ghz with 4GB RAM, 250GB Hard Drive, 2000GB Bandwidth, and Windows Server 2003.

That package at a 1/4 of their listing price of $400/month. So Ill be playing $175/month.

Right now Im paying $200/month for a Dual Core AMD Opteron @ 2.16ghz with 2GB of RAM or something like that. This is a major breakthrough for me, and my clan.

Im so happy right now - I think Ima go pop open a bottle of Welsch's sparkling grape wine. Oh yeah. XD


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