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Setting Up A Network Printer On Windows Xp Pro

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Ok, as of today, i have officially been labeled as the tech guy of the science dept. at my school, and i"m only a student, why? Because all of the staff dont like the tech guys...

So anyways, in every wing of our school, there is a work room with a network copy machine (Cannon somethings) that any teacher can print from in our school. Well in few buildings like the Science, Gym, and Industrial Science, there is a single network printer in the hallway that separates each side of class rooms. And only the teachers in that building have access to that printer, and all of the other copy machines. These printers are HP LaserJets 4350. These printers are directly hooked into the schools network via a Cat 5e cable into a networking jack, and back into the schools server system. Each printer also has its own ip address.

The Problem:
A virus recently hit our schools network, that attacks only the accounts that are only assessable on computers that do not require a domain log in. Basically, all the admin accounts on the individual computers, and the teachers supplied laptops by the school. (The teachers log in, is simply to that computer only, and not onto the RV domain.) What the virus did, was attack shortcuts, and thus, the teachers couldn't access easy grade book pro, etc. Well, the server, and the laptops have been cleared of the virus, but on a couple laptops, they were so infected that they had to have a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro installed. (all this was in the tech guys notes.) And when doing this, they reinstalled all files, programs, and copy machines, but not the science building printer.

The Fix by Me:
So, today i was asked to reinstall the printer for her. So i went into windows add new printer window, and i selected network printer. None were found on the network, so i decided to do the backdoor, that ive used on another scool laptop, by going:

Local Printer>Create new port>Standard TCP/IP port>Entered the ip, and went from there.

Well on this new computer with the fresh install, the local printer option was frozen, and could not be selected.

The Final question, How can i get this printer set up? She really needs it, so she wont have to walk all the way to a work room. Is there a back door? i have all the ip addresses for the printer, so i will be able to use those if needed. If theirs another addresses i need, let me know, cause i have a printout of the printers specs, etc. Or should i try to install HP's software?

Thanks for the help.


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