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Shipping Out October 18

Its been four years since I have been wanting to join the military. My great uncle who served in WWII, always told me his stories and what it was like. He was my idol through when I was growing up and was hard to try to get into the army when my father was completely against it. He went as far was filing for a restraining order which was not necessary.

After I moved to New York with my mother due to the family being beside themselves because my only grandma died (Oct. 8), I waited to get settled into where I was staying and got a job with UPS (United Parcel Service). After about 6 months, I joined the army (July 8). I have been busy with DEP (Delayed Entry Program ) aka Future Soldier Training (FST), Lord Xeb hopefully will take care of the mac that is folding and keep it up to day.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › Shipping Out October 18