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Sigh Women Gt Gt

Yes. That's right. Women.
I love them, don't get me wrong, but they can really mess one up.
I'm at uni at the moment, on my laptop all plugged in and everything, Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight melodiously playing through my earphones, wondering why it is that men and women are so different.

But anyway, to continue my exposition on myself, I really love singing. I always thought I had a terrible voice, but I had to sing last year, for my music class in high school.
Turns out I have a great voice, apparently.
But not as good as one of my friends'
He sang Schumann's Die Beiden Grenadiere, and it was absolutely divine. You should hear him sing Isn't She Lovely
But anyway, I've been thinking of finding a choir or something to join, but I have no idea where

I'll leave you with this song:

film_go.pngYouTube- "Do You Dream of Me" by Michael W. Smith


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