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Silverstone Raven Rv01

As im sure that everyone has seen or read about the the and extreme looking case, the silverstone Raven rv01.

When i came across this computer on a few websites i was hooked on the design of this case. The placement of all the inner components as well as the looks. Then i came to find out how expensive this case was, $250. Once i knew the price it was time to start looking at the all the features and specifications to see if this case is worth that much.

I went to newegg to look at all of the specs for this case. The first thing i saw was that the case was plastic...:$. everything else seemed to be very solid, all the metal was rolled(i have enough cuts on my hands from working with cases). In the end you would have to see the case to really make the call if you want this case or not. So i paid a visited the local Microcenter to look at this case. When i saw it I was shocked in how well of a build this actually was. If anyone is familiar with the razer mouse or the razer lycosa that is the material used on the outside of this case. After i saw and was able to actually get hands on with this case i was sold.

Tomorrow i will be picking up this case. I cant wait and i think its gonna be more fun to put this together then any other case that i have use or bought. I will be uploading pictures so that others can see how the layout. The main things i want to accomplish is wire management, mounting a SSD Drive, and mount a few green cold cathode lights.



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