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Since When Does Ocn Have A Blog

So I just noticed that we have a blog feature here... I really only noticed because I was picking on chipp and realized that he had several blog entry's... I click on the little link and low and behold an actual blog here so I think to myself... damn the little text edit I did sure is funny as hell...

yeah, I've been thinking that for some time now, but even though I don't have time to waste... yet I find myself here... hmm... decided to have a little fun anyway.

But anyway, I highly suggest everyone go here and check out the free sampler CD. I filled out the order form about a week ago and my shiny new CD came all the way from Norway. It's pretty sweet and is designed to look like an LP. It sounds pretty good too with a good selection. I haven't had time to sit down for any critical listening sessions, but just having it on in the car on the way to work one day and then playing in the background while I attempt to do 5 different things at the same time left me with the impression that it would be a fairly good listen if I had the time.


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