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Smash Brothers Brawl

I've had the opportunity to play Brawl. Actually on launch day, when a few of my friends got it, we played from midnight until 9 in the morning. We spent most of the time unlocking characters. It was nuts.

Now that I've played it over at my friends place, I don't seem to like the game as much as I thought I would. Sure, the amount of extra content and 1-player stuff is great, but Brawl feels toned down and slow. The great thing about Melee was the extreme chaos and all the stuff going on at the same time on screen. Brawl is the same thing, although everything feels so slow. The extra characters and stuff make up for it, but just barely. In multiplayer battles, the game is not really a test of skill, but rather of luck. Even without Smash Balls, Nintendo made the game slower to appeal to the general public.

Speaking of the devil (smash balls), I don't like them. They are just another item that gets in the way. Of course, I was one of those who hated items and always turned them off right away. Smash Balls are unnecessary and seem like a gimmick to me. There are final smashes that are a lot better than others (or with secrets, like DK's), but Nintendo could've been more creative with them. For example, Toon Link's final smash should be different than Link's. Sure, a Wolf form would kinda be like copying Ganondorf's, but at least it would be different from the two links. Also, the Star Fox team have the same smash? That makes no sense...doesn't Falco always say that he likes the sky better than the ground? He should be in an Arwing...Wolf should also be in his own fighter pilot...

I guess I'm contradicting myself because I always turn the items off anyway...alas I don't have a copy of SSBB, and I'm ok with that. There are many more things I don't like about Brawl. Alas, the game that would convince me to buy a Wii hasn't, so I don't plan on getting one soon.

I'm sure this entry isn't very organized (as usual) but feel free to comment

I'll go back to practicing my skills in Melee. I'm currently perfecting my Ken Combo, my Link, and my Captain Falcon (KNEE!!).


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