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Smp Gpu The Numbers Theyre Growing

I was check my EOC stats and graphs the other day, you know a folding nerger's gotta get his fix of numbers and histograms, and I noticed this:

Yup, that's right, I increased my productivity by 200+ % this month, using the same amount of uptime. My secret? I've said it before and I'll say it again: SMP, SMP, SMP. Oh and GPU. If you're still using the basic GUI clients for Windows and thinking that you're crunching serious numbers in the name of science, it's about time that you wake up and run SMP and/or GPU on all capable machines. Gromacs, Amber, and even the more advanced Double Gromacs cores don't even dare to compare to what SMP and GPU are doing. Of course, if you're running a non-HT P4 or anything of the like, the standard v5 client is ok, but if you're really into folding, you gotta consider optimizing your folding setup. In short, look for the following things, in order.

  1. Run a faster client on capable hardware. In order, generally, it goes like this: v5 < v6 < SMP < ATI GPU < nVidia GPU. But then again, if you have a 45nm quad core clocked at 4ghz folding SMP 24/7 running under the right conditions, you're likely to score more than a 8600GT running Nvid GPU.
  2. Optimize your folding environments. Can that Peryn clock 100 more mhz while remaining stable? Go for it. Are your dedicated farm boxes running Windows? Switch to Notfred's or Linux. RIGHT. NOW. Linux will yield lots more points compared to Windows. Do you really need the Sendmail daemon? Disable some stuff you don't need. Disabling Anacron won't give you 400 more PPD, but it's worth trying. Besides, I actually enjoy skinning down my machines.
  3. Maximize uptime. You know, normal people sleep about 8 hours per day. 8 hours is equal to roughly... 1500 points on a 8800 GT? If you can pay the power bill at the end of the month, do leave your machines open at night, that's some huge points right there. In extreme cases, or when you're going on trips, you might want to setup BIOS wakeup after power failure settings or boot on clock settings, to make sure your machines are always opened.
Once you've done that... You should be folding full force. You don't need a huge farm to help... you just need to put some effort into it.


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