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Smp Issues Again

If you didn't already know I am having some major problems with installing the SMP client on Vista. Why couldn't it be easier? The whole security behind vista is starting to annoy me tbh

Alright so I changed my permissions so that my account would have elevated status (admin rights) and everything seemed to work better than before. I had my graphical client running at the time of the install. It asked me to close it so I did. Clearly not thinking that the graphical client was set to start-up with Vista, the SMP client told me that it need to restart the computer in order to finalize the changes made. Now it couldn't finalize since the graphical was starting creating a big problem with my computer causing it to BOOT and than it was stuck on a screen displaying "Configuring Stage 3 of 3 (0%)" for about 5 minutes and then it would restart and BOOT again and I let it do this for about 20 more minutes until I realized that the graphical was interfering with the configuration. So I did a system restore to an earlier point and time and it loaded up vista.

I'll uninstall the graphical and see what happens,


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