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So Here It Goes Right

Just got myself a job. Pretty spiffy considering Ive been looking since august. Its not exactly anywhere great and I wont even mention its name.

I had started a little project website 2 months or so ago and I just wrote up a business plan to give to some investors tomorrow who may fund it and PAY ME to run my own site. Also good news.

The very same investors offered me a few jobs doing various other website related things for their other ventures. They also would like to talk to me about getting my product prototype into something we can both make money from. I am a little skeptical about this part, but the rest is rock solid. All good news.

Hopefully I will be making some serious cash soon and will be able to throw some cash around the OCN community. I need an upgrade.

Does anyone have any DDR2 Ram they would like to trade with me for? I have a large amount of stuff to trade and REALLY need the RAM. I have 2gbs of Crucial Ballistix RAM that I have to RMA and that leaves me with ONE GIGABYTE of generic RAM from Staples. Come on friends, help a brotha out!


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