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So Much Wasted

Looking back, I built my computer in mid-2009. It was my first time building a computer, and I was excited about the idea of building a better computer than those pre-built ones, and for less money!

I was intending to build a computer that could play Resident Evil 5, and StarCraft II (whenever THAT game was supposed to come out ). I got a Phenom II 720 and 4850 with it, thinking, "okay, I'm not going to do anything else to this computer." But over the course of two years, I couldn't stop myself from side-grading to an Athlon II because of my the quad craze on OCN, then down to the Athlon II dual core because that's all I thought I needed.

But that's not all I needed... Playing StarCraft II told me I needed something better. I bought another CPU, the Phenom II 840T, a 6-core CPU with two cores disabled (I was able to unlock one core). Now I'm sitting here thinking, "WOW! How much money have I wasted?!" I basically just went around in a circle, and lost money in the process!

What's my point? I CAN'T HELP IT! I now await Bulldozer...


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