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Sooo Sore And Tired Today

This weekend I didn't have a lot of time to do a lot of benchmaks on my rig as we went out snowmobiling this weekend.

on friday night we logged just over 100 miles. On saturday will went through 3 taks of gas and 300 miles. and sunday we poured the coal to the sleds and put on another 300 miles.

all told will managed to click off 722 miles on the sleds this weekend.

everything ran awesome and the weather was perfect for riding -15*c for the most part.

This year I have put almost 1200 miles on my snowmobile and have been very happy with it. (the work I did this summer and fall paid off) This is the most I have put on a sled in any year and there is still almost 3 months of sledding left!!!! WOOO HOOO! 2 weeks until our first snowmobile vacation and the anothe 3 weeks to the second one!

I am very excited to go this wil be my first time to the whiteshell to ride. I will post some photos of the ride.

All I can say is twenty ten has been freakin awesome so far!


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