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Ssd Which To Pick

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well here you go ranked in order of performance:

1. Crucial RealSSD C300
2. Intel-based, SLC (X25-E)
3. Sandforce-based (Vertex 2, Agility 2, Mushkin Callisto, A-Data S599, etc)
4. Intel-based, MLC (X25-M)
5. Intel-based, 5 channels populated (X25-V
6. Indilinx-based, 8 channels (Corsair Extreme series, Vertex, Agility, Colossus, many many others etc)
7. Indilinx-based, 4 channels (OCZ Onyx, and possibly others...)
8. JMicron 612 / Toshiba based, (Kingston SSDNow+, many many others)
9. Samsung-based (Most OEM drives, Dell, Apple, Corsair's P series)
10. All the rest, Old JMicron 602 etc

Note that for certain workloads, the Sandforce will outperform the Intel SLC controllers and possibly the Crucial's controller.

That's it, check my thread for rankings among the results so far, you can see we have mostly Intels in there but it's a mix.

The Controller and AHCI mode makes a difference, if you're using it on your sig rig, it'd be great if you could post your results of AS SSD Benchmark in my thread, I don't think we have any nForce results in there yet.

Further advice:
Anything Intel or above will perform really well... and only will differ in benchmarks, it shouldn't be noticeably slower then anything else.

If you don't like Crucial, and you're not an Intel man, the Corsair Extreme series is not really "Extreme" if you ask me, I would just as soon get a Vertex 2 since they are using the blazing speed of the new Sandforce controller.
Well this post has been getting a life of it's own... thinking of making a resource... now that we have a few results in the AS SSD Benchmark thread, it's getting to have some weight of comparison behind it.


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