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Stability At 5ghz

Ok.. Got my 24 hour stability at 5Ghz.. But, I want to go further.. I decided to drop a little $$ on upgrading my cooling system to drop the temps a lot.. Right now, I am hovering at around 80 under load on the CPU, and I want them at least 10-15 less.. My Goal? Stability at 5.2Ghz and nice and cool..
ALSO want to address an overheating issue I am having with my 6870BEs.. I have an Tt Armor case.. (Great case, needs a little better airflow), so I am converting them to water also.. I have always been a fan of swiftech gear, so I am adding the MCW82 heat sinks and their new SLI/Xfire bridge to this config as well as card specific heatsinks.. I have never been a fan of full cover, card specific coolers.. If you upgrade, you are out at least half the cost of your cooler and the MCW82's use the same pin matrix as the Apogee XT which is one of the best CPU heat sinks on the market.. So it will bring the GPU temps WAY down.. Good, cause I want to abuse those cards to their limits as well.. Got to love XFX's warranty .. Cooling all this? The mighty GTX360 with (3) Ultra Kaze fans.. I would have went with the Delta VHE Rev C fans, but they are out everywhere until december at least.. No waiting here.. They will do for now, in the future I am toying with the possibility of upgrading the radiator to a GTX480 and integrating it into the house vent return in the lower level and upgrading the fans to 252 CFM Deltas.. And by taking in the cool air of the basement, this should drop temps a heck of a lot more.. But first let's get this rig solid and running.. BF3 is right around the corner..


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