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Stress Overwhelming

Its been a stressful week, lets recap.

-Our newest car, the rods are knocking(this means its done).(mind you that its a 98 but still our newest)

-The oven broke(warranty work will take 10 days before it will be fixed)

-Dryer broke looking at 4 days before they come look at it.

-My razor cellphone died....for the third time.

-We are foster parents, we have had two kids with us for 10 months, the kids just got a new case worker, and she has a hard on for their dad. She is rushing them back to him. Now lets give a little history, they are 10months and 3.5years old. We have had the 10 month old since he was 24 hours old. The 3.5 year old has spend more time in the system than out with her parents. The dad who is all thats left(mom disappeared) has been busted for possession SINCE the kids came into state care...we really wanted to adopt and the parents are horrible, which I would love to share more but can't.


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