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Stupid Neighbor

I live in a town home in a suburb of Chicago. It's really nice here and I wouldn't ever want to move. Thing is, we have idiots living above us.

They happen to be Indian, but that's not the point because I don't have a problem with them. The point is that they are so thick-headed, they can't get into their mind that they can't use their garbage disposal without running water at the same time. The wife throws pounds of Indian herbs and food down the sink and grinds it. Not a problem if she used water, because of course that's what a garbage disposal is for.

But there is a problem, they're pipe is connected to our sink pipe. When the food goes down without water it clumps up and gets stuck where the pipe has a curve, which happens to be right under out sink. Our sink has been clogged abuot 5 times in the past month, and 1 of the times I come from school and no one is home, and the kitchen is in 3 inches of water. That was fun.

We're writing a later to the association, maybe they can pound something in their heads. And if not, well then he's going to have some fun cleaning eggs of his shiny new car.


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