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Well what do you know? It worked. I went ahead and corrected my memory to 6-6-6-16 and then ran prime95 for 5.3hours with stable results. Things did get a little toasty at 59C on the core temperature and 55-56C on the CPU.

I still don't know why they are different, on my laptop it seems to be consistently within 1C across the board (although it does have an Intel cpu and not an AMD) , but I do I expect from getting a Dell, almost every single cpu they offer is an Intel.

I'm hoping someone will give me an idea that doesn't involve WC. It's just to expensive and outside of my comfort zone currently. I have been checking out the CoolIt website and some prices and while they appear to rate highly, they are almost as expensive as a full on custom WC solution.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › Success