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Sucker Punch Review

A film that's recieved much criticism, Sucker Punch has been a film that I think alot of people have really been on the fence about watching.

I'll cut straight to the chase. This isn't a film for everyone. It is however outright entertaining. The style of the film is pleasing, with a vibe of its own, the action sequences well scripted, and the special effects nothing short of amazing.

I think this is a film that is ahead of its time. Nowadays alot of people seem to want a film that just takes them from A to B without having to think too much while doing it. Sucker Punch, being set in three realities (one real, two alternate), can be initally confusing for some at first (I recall some people still not getting it when leaving the cinema) but what really pulled some strings was the ending, leaving people wondering just which reality it defined.

Don't let this put you off though, it really isn't hard to get into, or understand if you're into films of alternate realities etc. As anyone who's read my past blogs will know I wont post anything plot related so to not spoil the movie, so sadly I cant divulge further into this, but it's a more simple concept than the film, or critics, may suggest. The story is different, not the strongest, but certainly manages to feed the idea of the film well, and give the viewer a real visual trip should they be able to get into the film.

But that's not why you want to watch Sucker Punch right? You want to see hot chicks carve up robot samurais with gatling guns, right?

Action sequences are just insane, and really well done. There was really only one I didn't enjoy so much, but it still looked cool. The sound and visuals are simply stunning in some of them. It actually makes me look forward to a good blu ray release. The pacing of the action sequences for the most part is really well done and they are easily the strongest feature of the film. The soundtrack is pretty good too. Some really good tracks remixed in there and they mostly fit in well with the theme of the film.

The biggest problem I have with this film is that it left me wanting more. That's not neccessarily a bad thing depending on which way you look at it. I enjoyed Sucker Punch from start to finish and while it certainly isn't perfect I can accept the film for what it is, and what it tries to achieve, in this era of Michael Bay esque movies that just try to throw the same thing at you month in month out.

Defiitely worth a view if you're into films that allow you to escape reality and thrive on your imagination for a couple of hours.

Overall I would give Sucker Punch a 7/10 for its story, 9/10 for its action, and 9/10 for audio and visual.


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