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Summer Is Finally Here Yay


Well, I finally finished 4th semester and, to be honest, I was expecting to have worse scorings than the ones I got!!

Just to show it off lol:

Organic chemistry: 85/100
Math: 100/100
Philosophy: 95/100
Physics: 100/100
Biology: 100/100
International History: 95/100

I was hoping to get a higher scoring in Chemistry, because I really like chemistry (I'm pursuing a career as a Chemical engineering), but overall, i'm quite satisfyed

So far, I've been only in one party (since summer break came lol), and I hope it's not the last one during this summer lol.

Geez, there are some things I want to do, like starting a mod with a case I found on the street (yes, just as you read it. It's a Dell Optiplex GX280 case, and it's complete... it's like this one)

What do you guys think I could do with it? lol


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