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Summer Is Here Plans

So finals are over at last...boy am I happy that I am done! I probably did pretty bad on a few of them but I think I'm ok.

What are my plans for the summer? Well there are plenty of things to do. First, I need to conquer my nervousness and take the driving test already! I kept putting it off. I even did the 5 hour test before I came to school

Second, I want to find a job. I had a job that paid well and I didn't do much work, but I may want to try something different this summer. At this point I'm thinking of working at a drugstore or something...

I was going to take a class over the summer, but now I do not think that I will. Since my parents do not want to pay for it, I will have to save up money this summer so I can take classes at a different university.

What about things computer related? Well, I plan to keep (most) computers at home the way they are. I want to find a Cooler Master Wavemaster for one of my older systems. I've always wanted a Wavemaster but they are so expensive! (for an old case anyway) I might get one when I have the money.

I have this mini-tower that I built while I was at school. It's the Cooler Master Elite 340 case, and I plan to mod it! There's an Athlon XP system at home that is never used, so I plan to use that case as practice. I think I will add a window, paint, and some extra 120mm fan slots. I plan to get a new PSU. This Ultra 400W and the Antec True 550 I have aren't going to be sufficient...

The thing is...I've never done those things before, so I will probably be asking for advice on the forums here. If not, I'll probably be reading a lot of guides so I don't cut my hand off (or my case in half)

This is going to be a great summer (hopefully)


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