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Surgery And Recouperating

So about two years ago i had a surgery done. Whys that? Well...

When I was little something happened i don't even remember what but it caused my chest to go in a bit when I was like 5. It didn't affect me till my 5th and final year of baseball sophomore year of high school. I started having trouble breathing when I ran at practice and during games I found myself often short of breath and chest pains from breathing too heavily.

I went to C.H.O.P. since I was 16 at the time. Talks went on and I ended up getting two incisions in my sides and they slid a metal bar in my chest with a bump on it. They flipped it over and it popped my chest out to how it use to be again. Now lemme tell ya, that surgery was a bish as well as the 4 days I was in the hospital after.

I had to keep the bar in for two years so my ribs/chest could resolidify back in its original position. I finally got it out yesterday actually to be honost. God are my sides killing right now, thank god I got painkillers to help with that. I got pretty much no sleep last night though. I'm just glad its finally over.

I stopped at work to pick up my check and all my friends there had a giant card they made for me. I also got various texts from my best friends asking how it went and if i was okay... so many more people were worried about me then I thought. It's great to know that lots of people care It's a good feeling, especially during recovery after surgery.

I got off work this weekend since Im not supposed to move around a whole lot and so far its pretty nice.

Summing it all up:
Surgery, Epic Card, Great friends, relaxing at home no work, spending time with my little brother = EPIC WIN. Surgerys not so bad eh?
Luckily the pain i'm in at the moment is only about 1/5th what I went through getting that damn bar in, but it was worth it.



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