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Technology Moves At Lightning Speed

Technology does move fast, but is it necessary to keep up?

I realized how much I spent on stuff as of late...wow there was so much I could have done with that money.

I had an e4400 and an X1800GTO two years ago that was fine. I fried the X1800 OC'ing a year later so I got an 8800GT...sold that to get a X1950 which was enough and could fold. But oh no! Stanford finally released a GPU client for Nvidia cards and the numbers were ridiculous. I had to get my hands on one. So I bought an 8800GTS. Later on I got a PS3 for F@H...after realizing I could trade it for a PC that could get more points, so I did so. (e6750, 8800 etc)

But what did that bring me to? Well, now I'm trying to sell all of it. I need the money to take classes. The value of the parts is so little now, that its not worth it (almost). That whole long journey of upgrading in two years brought me back to the same thing I had 6 or 7 years ago: an Athlon XP with a Radeon 9700. It can run XP, it can surf the internet, it's quiet enough, that's enough right? (honestly I had some failures in the middle of all that)

I didn't even game...or benchmark that much. All I wanted was F@H points. But what's the point in that either? How do I know those points help? Am I just spending money to get some numbers? I could have used that money for books or something, which would provide more for society when I learned those subjects and got a job. It's better for someone who already has money to spare doing F@H anyway.

If gaming, folding, or benchmarking are of no concern, what more do you need than a basic OS and basic processing? Hell...why do you even need a full out computer? Isn't a netbook all that's necessary now? Is that even necessary?

I feel poor now, considering how much I could have by now. Still, this laptop is more than enough. (Pentium M, 1GB, Integrated)


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