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Teh Day That Was Teh Day

I hate Tuesdays after a three day weekend. Yah so it's just a 4 day week, which is great, but gah.. I have no motivation to work.

I guess the good thing is, I get paid Friday. That means I can finish my build AND pay the bills!

Speaking of build, I keep getting random freezes and hard resets in Windows. My OC is stable, I've eliminated that. I thought I had narrowed it down to either being GPU or software related, but after a long spell of uptime yesterday, I crashed again.

One thing I have noticed, 90% of the time it happens when I'm browsing in Firefox.

I already un and reinstalled my drivers, firewall and Firefox. I'll drop my GPU OC tonight and go about my business. If it freezes again, I guess I'll have to do some more troubleshooting.

I do think that my PSU volts have possibly dropped, I wonder if that's it... if so, I can kiss my paycheck goodbye, lol.


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