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Well boys, I did some testing today with some temp probes I brought home today.
Stuffed one in the RAM, one in the Mosfets, and left one outside my case to measure room temp.

RAM, isn't that bad
room temp is normal tonight.
but the MOSFETS are HIGH, REALLY HIGH 50C constant.
I have only stock cooling in my system, but still shouldn't be that high.

Now for those of you who don't understand heat transfer, I will not be explaining.
but the issue here seems to not really be the NB.
it seems to me that it is a combo of NB heat-sink not sitting correctly, and the mosfets.
the mosfets heat-sink is 1cm pipe away from the NB contact point. the lower you make the NB(by fixing the mounting point and changing the TIM) the more heat will pour over from the mosfets.
going to have to take a look at fixing that issue.

ALSO, in messing with the temp probes, I found out that my OPT_FAN1 MB header sensor doesn't work, the header gives power to the fan, just no RPM.
will be sending the board back.

Later I will be posting a set of temps up from idle, average use all the way up to 100% usage stress.


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