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Terms Of Service  

Terms of Service / Forum Rules

Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. To view the Overclock.net privacy policy, click here. To view our DMCA policy, click here.


  • By viewing any webpage on Overclock.net and/or by becoming a member of Overclock.net, you agree to the Terms of Service and Forum Rules outlined below
  • Terms of Service and Rules and Regulations remain binding from first encounter with Overclock.net and into perpetuity
  • Terms of Service and Rules and Regulations are subject to revision at any time and without notice. Please check back often.

||Site Usage||

  • The website, products and services of Overclock.net are provided “as is” and are considered privileged
  • Overclock.net can not be held responsible for the content contained within the site and the opinions expressed within are not necessarily those of Overclock.net
  • You agree that no legal action, past, present or future, will be taken against Overclock.net in relation to your dealings with the site or people on the site
  • If you have become a member of the site, your membership may be rejected, revoked, limited or edited in any other way by overclock.net at its sole discretion
  • All deals conducted in the For Sale section, any other area within Overclock.net or with Overclock.net users via any other means are solely between the participants. Overclock.net is not responsible and will not get involved.


||General Guidelines||

Usage of Overclock.net is contingent on the following:

  • You positively contribute to the forum and its membership
  • You aid in maintaining a friendly and professional atmosphere
  • You live within the rules and regulations set out by Overclock.net
  • You respect the site, its management and its members
  • You do not troll or attempt to stir up trouble within the community
  • You do not accrue more than 20 active infraction points OR 10 total infractions.



||Advertising/Promotion/Commercial Use ||

You ARE NOT allowed to use Overclock.net to:

  • Advertise or promote products and/or services that you or someone you know has an "interest" in
    • This includes linking to a personal website
  • Display affiliate links of any kind
  • Copy content, images or any other Overclock.net assets (in part or in whole)
  • Recruit people for other websites/projects/jobs or any other reason
  • Directly or indirectly profit from your relationship with the site and the people you meet here, now or in the future


If you do choose to use the site for any of the activities outlined within the Advertising/Promotion/Commercial Use section (directly above), YOU AGREE to the following:

  • Every instance of breaking one of these rules outlined with the Advertising/Promotion/Commercial Use section constitutes you entering into an agreement with Overclock.net to pay for such initiatives at a cost of $500 per incidence.


||Posting Content and Assets||

By posting content:

  • You have confirmed that it complies with your local laws and with the laws present within Canada and the US.
  • You have confirmed that you have not made this content publicly available before and do not wish to publicly repurpose/reuse this content at a later time
  • You agree that your submissions to Overclock.net will only be removed if deemed necessary by Overclock.net. Due to the nature of Overclock.net, we will not delete user accounts or mass delete their posts. We will only delete posts that we are informed of and deem do not comply with the forum rules/ToS. Please only sign up and use Overclock.net if you are comfortable with your contributions staying part of the collective conversation on Overclock.net now and in the future.


||Ownership of Content Submissions||

  • All legal content, information or any other form of member submission, that conforms with the site rules/terms of service, immediately becomes exclusive property of Overclock.net


||General Membership||

You may NOT:

  • Discuss any form of Piracy or DMCA violations (for additional information click here)
  • Create multiple accounts for any reason
  • Give rep to anyone else who shares a computer with you or that you personally know
  • Give rep to someone for the purposes of artificially inflating their rep or for any other reason other than to reward a post that benefits the forum and its members
  • Misrepresent yourself as being staff from Overclock.net or anyone else who you are not
  • You are not to make your login credentials or other sensitive account information available to others by any means, for any reason.
  • Use profanity. This includes the use of symbols, abbreviations, or acronyms to circumvent the no profanity rule.
  • Post personally identifiable information or anything else that may jeopardize your privacy and/or safety or that of others
  • Post questions/remarks relating to a member being banned from the Overclock.net forum or game server. Please contact overclock.net staff directly.
  • Post questions/remarks pertaining to infractions, warnings or deleted posts. Please contact overclock.net staff directly.
  • Partake in discussions about politics, race or religion or promote your own views in this area through any other means
  • Have a signature that exceeds 8 lines in length, or use larger than # 3 font in signatures.
  • Ask for price appraisals outside of the Appraisals forum. This is viewed as circumventing the forum's For Sale/Trade rules.
  • Ask for reputation
  • Offer reputation for any reason
  • Post external links in your profile or signature
  • Negatively comment on products or prices of the products posted in the For Sale section
  • Discuss the circumvention of security-related applications
  • Discuss any other action, substance, or product that is deemed to be illegal in either the US/Canada or the municipality in which you reside.
  • Ask for free parts or services. (No cyber begging)
  • PM members with the intent to sell items or services.
  • Mass edit/delete your own posts. Overclock.net reserves the right to revert any edited post.


You are EXPECTED to:

  • Edit your posts for spelling and grammar. Overclock.net's usability depends on this.
    • Use capitalization
    • No excessive Internet jargon
    • Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Communicate in English only
  • Treat others with respect at all times
  • Maintain an environment that is friendly to all ages
    • No swearing, racy images etc.
  • Post new threads within the most applicable section of the site
  • Post factual information
  • Link to internal sources of information before linking to external sources - if the information is comparable
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