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Teste Rambles About Gaming In General

...and why I'm focusing money that could be upgrading my rig on RC.

...erm...yeah...gaming in general is in a bit of a slump. See, what I look for in a game is that it's fun. Fun can be a game that has me going through the world experiencing an epic story. Or, that game can merely hand me a minigun, point me at a crowd, and yell "WEAPONS FREE!". Or maybe it puts me in a race car. Who the hell knows. But the point is that they're fun and that they're different.

The current games market, however, seems to think I want to play yet another god damn copy of Call of Duty. Everywhere I look I see the same thing. US soldiers plodding through desert-jungle environments trying to kill Mid-Eastern or Asian soldiers plodding through those same desert jungle environments. They all have piss poor to meh at best campaigns, if they have a campaign at all, and are focused on the same god damn cookie-cutter multiplayer that every gamer on OCN has 15 copies of by now.


Honestly if it wasn't for Portal 2 and Duke Nukem Forever I would have sold Boot to the Head off to fund my RCs by now. There's absolutely nothing else on the gaming landscape I want to play. New Vegas is too buggy to bother with, Gmod is...well I'm a bit bored of that at the moment. Minecraft looks like arse and I can't see a damn thing. Crysis 2 I'm just stuck on. letbhnjitbjyubn

On a somewhat related note my NexSTAR is coming along nicely. All I need now is a radio, fuel, and misc field gear. That's it. I can almost see it flying now. On top of that my NTC3 is running beautifully. Nothing wrong with it. I'm 100% certain I'll get far more enjoyment out of my money spending it there than I would buying a new rig to play console port CoD clone number 784777569078390. 30 bucks to buy me a gallon of glow fuel that will entertain me for months or 60 bucks on six hours of blah....you tell me what you'd spend your money on.

Ramble over.


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