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Teste Rambles About Random Blabbering

Stupid snow. I ordered a bunch of parts from Tower Hobbies last thursday. The tires and a tool arrived already, having shipped out of Reno. However, the wheels and clutch springs shipped from Champagne, IL. So they're not here yet. Not only that but I don't think the wheels will quite fit the tires anyways, I think they're 6MM too big in dimater. Dammit. I can still use them but I won't glue the tires until I can order smaller wheels, and that means I can't go as fast as I'd like. BIAEThbieyh

Also, I don't care about the superbowl. Football sucks. It's boring. You know it to be true. If it wasn't boring they wouldn't sell us the superbowl with promises of funny adverts!

Excuse me, NFL. I HATE ads. I sure as hell aren't going to care about something that has ads as a selling point. You know where to stick it.

On a plus side, I will come into a few bucks soon. I'm going to sell a big block V8 I have laying around.


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