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Testes Fallout 3 Character Diaries

The blog posts below are transcripts of audio diaries I figure my Fallout 3 character would record. I need someplace to put them. I figured they'd be as good as anything to put on my otherwise entirely unused blog. So here goes. Hope ya'll enjoy!

They're largely based on events in the Fallout world, and may even be based on what I've been doing, or have done in the past, while playing the game. Anything not possible in the game should be considered artistic license, as these are supposed to be a view into life in the Wasteland, through the eyes of the PC.

Just a final note: These likely won't make a damn bit of sense to you if you haven't played Fallout 3. I seriously recommend it, truly epic game with replayability unheard of from most devs.

And then the mods.

They may not even make any sense anyways. I'm no Ernest Hemingway, here. But I'm doing my best

If you want to comment on them, please feel free.


Oct 23, 2277, 10:43AM. Audio diary entry number 35.

This date and time commands a fair bit of respect, atleast for me. It's a date which shall live on in infamy, even more so than the attacks on Dec 7, 1941. It's a shame Vault records got corrupted decades ago, I never did get to learn what happened on that day, but I hear it had something to do with an asian nation attacking the US. Hrm......Where have we heard that before, Dogmeat? I want to find out more about that, and the war that ensued. Perhaps Abraham WAshington knows something...Tho that dumbass did think they had Vertibirds in the 1700's...

My curiosity knows no bounds. I would give everything to know what it was like to be in Springvale when the bombs fell. Call it stress, perhaps all the **** I've fought my way through has given me a slight case of Shellshock, but part of me actually wants to live through that hell. I'm sure if I told that to some of the Pre-war ghouls in Underworld, and in paticular Greta, they'd have me run out of town, drawn, quartered, then shipped off to Vault 87.

I suppose I could find out. There is a bomb laying in the middle of this town, and thanks to that creepy guy in the Bar the day I got here, I have the necessary equipment to arm the thing. I even know where the detonator is, back at Tenpenny Tower in his old suite. To be honest, I've grown quite fond of this place. The trader is a box of laughs, the local cult is actually quite pleasant to be around, and the residents don't seem to mind me hanging around. I don't have the heart to nuke them all just for my own morbid curiosity. Perhaps I can locate another bomb like this one, set it up in a desolate part of the wasteland and fire it off? I'll have to ask the Brotherhood if they've run across a place that would stockpile them.

What I find most odd is that I'm the only person in this town that seems to have a clue. They all know the Great War happened, sure, but I don't think they know the date. Either that, or they do and just don't care. Shame, really, as if society ever gets back on it's feet, that kind of attitude will ensure future Wastelands to come. They also seem to be quite reckless with the miniature atom bombs. I've been stockpiling them from Flak in Rivet City, and Moira, the town trader, gave me one as payment for a bit of research. She told me she wanted to use it to dig a well. I'm sitting on thirty or fourty of these things, and honestly they scare me. I'm sure, together, they're equal in power to the monster in the center of this town.

I'm keeping them in Tenpenny Tower, just to be safe. If they go, they won't take Megaton's bomb with them. Just a bunch of ghoul-hating bigots.

It's 10:44 AM. Perhaps next year, I will experience what happened all those years ago, to see first hand just what created the wasteland I call home. But for now, my imagination will do. Maybe Greta will open up a bit more? She was there when the **** hit the fan, after all. Perhaps, she has a holotape recording of the bombs falling, one that still plays decently. These 200 years have taken their toll on holotapes...come to think of it, even my PipBoy is showing some age. I really need to find a way back into Vault 101 and get Stanley to fix this thing...

Tomorrow's gonna suck ass. The Brotherhood wants me to tag along on a mission to that damned purifier...sometimes I wish I could just give this damn code to Sarah and wash my hands of the whole affair. I know pops meant well with that thing, but I don't think he anticipated how much work it would be for one person. Plus, think of the poor bastard the Brotherhood is going to put in charge...last I overheard, Owyn was considering Bigsley for it. Then again, it wouldn't surprize me if Bigs did get it. He's already ****ed up a few times, I doubt Owyn would even think about letting him control anything important to the BoS/Enclave war. The last thing this wasteland needs is an Enclave government...the raiders are bad enough, and they don't have power armor or futuristic laser weapons.

Speaking of raiders, I crashed another party earlier this morning. Took up a home in Springvale Elementary. I swear, there must be something alluring about that place, they keep returning every time I clear it out. Six of 'em dropped before they knew where the bullets came from, the other four running headlong into my crosshairs. Only needed two bullets for those last four, and that's just because of some timing issues. I'm sure I could have skewered all four at once had they lined up properly. God, I love my M82. I don't know how the hell the muties never stumbled across this thing. Imagine, a Super Mutant Overlord with a sniper rifle capable of 1+ mile shots and damn near blowing a man clean in half with one hit. Even armshots are usually fatal, altho they do take a fair while to kill. I'm sure in Pre-war days, someone could survive an armshot....altho they'll be needing a prosthetic limb afterwards.

I found it in the Museum of Technology, while looking for that Virgo 2 dish. They had it in the basement, apparently they were gonna put it on the floor and display it. I can see why, it's an absolutely beautiful weapon. Very effective too. Ammo's hard to find these days, tho...I hear there's huge stockpiles of it in Rivet City somewhere, but half of that boat is underwater. Noone knows for sure what's in the hold, maybe someday I'll have to crawl down in there and have a look. It would make sense that there is some there, as the guns on those derilict fighters are chambered in the same round my rifle is. I even got one of those guns to work, but Harkness made me dismantle it.

O well. I still have the rest of today to waste. Maybe I can scavenge up some new tunes for Three Dog. I got a lead on a possible intact copy of Indestructible, by a rock band called Disturbed. Same rumor also has a few albums by a band named "Alice in Chains", and one which is quite applicably named for this wasteland. "Appetite for Destruction". I've heard Guns 'n Roses before, and they sound pretty good. Got about half of their hit "Civil War" on my PipBoy. Good song, would love to find an intact recording of it. I hope Appetite lives up to that expectation, and that I can find a working copy.

Right now, I could care less what it is as long as it's not Butcher Pete. I hope I find them. Gonna go have a chat with Three Dog before I follow up on the lead, see what he thinks. Who knows, he may even have a sample or two of those bands that, while not radio worthy, would give me an idea as to how they sound. Come on, Dogmeat. Let's go get some ammo from Moira, then head out into the wastes!

Audio diary out. Dictation software copyright 2077 Microsoft Corp, all rights reserved.


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