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Testes Game Review 2 Battlefield Bc2

This game has been all over people's gaming chatter since it came out. People have been saying it's the best game since Doom. I decided why the hell not? So I picked up a used copy on eBay, installed it and went in game...

Or should I say try? I got into the campaign only to find my mouse only works to the right and up. So for two days I mucked around with it. Eventually I got it fixed though, and got into the campaign.

The campaign was hard as hell, first of all. I can't count how many F-bombs I let loose, or how many times I was flipping my monitor off. And that was only on medium! I will criticize the game on one thing: The baddies take FIVE SHOTS TO THE FACE to die. With an M60 machine gun. That just ain't kosher, man.

The storyline was actually pretty good. I was able to follow it fairly early on, and it actually gave me the urge to continue playing. The gameplay was fairly solid aside from the steel faces, and the guns did sound pretty good. I also loved the setting. It was also a good length, not too short but not too long, and I didn't see any of the infinitely respawning baddies and/or cliche'd BS that MW2 was plagued with.

As for the technical side of things...eh not so much. The game is buggy, first and foremost. The afore-mentioned gamebreaking mouse issue, then after that got fixed it crashed three times throughout the campaign. It did run pretty good, I averaged about 20FPS at 1600x1200. Enough for me to play through. I did get an odd FPS slowdown whenever I tried to scope into smoke/dust, and I was CONSTANTLY screwing with the brightness and contrast because sometimes I couldn't see anything and sometimes I was blinded by the light.

As for multiplayer...well I don't like to play competitive multiplayer games, so I didn't even try to play it. The inevitable frustration would have jaded my thoughts on the game. Besides, SP is where it's at

Overall it's a pretty fun game. I give it a 5 out of 10. Would I say it was worth launch price? Hell no. But it was a good game. If you see it for sale at or under 30 bucks, snap it up.

I was gonna give it a 7 out of 10 but some zealot tried to tell me I was wrong for having a bad first impression due to the afore-mentioned mouse glitch, and I can't help but wonder if the majority of BC2 players are similarly minded. So I knocked two points off for that. The game itself is better than the rating implies, but some of it's fans are a bit overzealous when it comes to the praise. And flaming people who think poorly of it due to a game breaking glitch.


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