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Testes Game Review 4 Crysis 1

Ahh, Crysis 1. It's an interesting game. It's a pretty typical FPS on the surface. You're a military guy with an overpowered suit and magically regenning health, you're dumped on an island and you kill anything that isn't wearing your armor. Fairly straightforward. But there's a bit more to this game than just that.

Firstly we need to cover the plot....we could do this with a simple post-it note. There isn't really a plot to speak of. You're dumped on an island, you go after Koreans, then you go after aliens, then you blow everything up. Oh and they randomly nuke the island. Yeah it didn't make much sense to me, either. It never explained why the aliens were there, why the Koreans were so damn interested in it, how the Koreans got nanosuits, what the aliens want with earth. You aren't even told why the US is interested enough in the goings on to send what I presume is the most expensive unit they have on hand to some god-forsaken jungle hellhole in the south pacific. You're just told "The Koreans are here, they're looking for something. You need to find out what it is so we can decide if we want it. It just kinda left us to figure it out on our own. So for plot Crysis falls on it's face pretty firmly.

As for software stability...yeah it's pretty good. I never had any crashing issues. I did notice some issues on the final level, though. It seems Crytek rushed it out the door, most likely at EA's insistence, before QA finished up with the flight deck. I fell through that thing a few times. It also lagged like hell. This is odd, believe it or not, because the rest of the game ran flawlessly. Even on my rig, at 1600x1200.

That brings me to the optimization. It's actually pretty well done. It feels quite fluid at 20-30 FPS, and it looks stunning even at the medium settings I ran it at. It also ran just fine on my rig, despite my rig being way too old to run it. So far so good.

The main appeal, I think, is the graphics. This game was pretty meh on plot, pretty meh on gameplay(Although the cloaking was amusing) and pretty meh on the gun sounds(They lacked authority). However, the levels it rapes video cards at are astronomical. Even today they struggle to truly max it out, although a Fermi can 1080P it at max settings 2xaa 2xaf no problem, and unless you're some sort of OCD that thinks spamming more AA than it takes to remove jaggies somehow makes the picture better then it's been defeated. But it took three years.

As for DRM, this is a bit of a mixed bag. I bought an older retail copy off eBay and had to crack it because it has SecuROM, complete with install limits. I hear the newer copies are really tamed down, though. Still, I had to crack the game, so there's a deduction to be had.

Overall I'd give it an average 5 outta 10. It's an average military shooter with above-average graphics, and I feel it sold more copies solely because it's difficult to max out than it ever will as an actual game. Subtract the 2012 level graphics and you have another COD clone without the multiplayer. And we all know how well COD stands on singleplayer alone...


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