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Testing A Hypothesis

For the last month or two I have been having a problem with the nvlddmkm.sys driver not responding and restarting. Annoying BSOD's ensue. I sent away my mobo which didn't fix the problem. I've reinstalled Windows and other drivers which also didn't fix the problem.
Here is my hypothesis which i am currently testing:
I read somewhere that the error was occurring (2 years ago, but nevertheless) when people had 4 DIMM's occupied. So, I took out two of my sticks and so far no problems have occurred. If it keeps working great through the weekend, it looks solved. Now time for 2x2gb to get this thing finished....

EDIT: Hypothesis tested incorrect. Now to RMA the 8800GT and replace the memory in hopes that solves the problem. If not, you might start seeing my parts for sale as I give up.


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