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Thank God For India

As I sit here tonight I am thankful once again for the kind folks in India who now handle my Windows XP activation ever since I hit my 15 automatic activations sometime back in 2005.

Unlike the knuckledraggers who run my ISP, the service technicians in India speak better English than the Americans working about 26mi from my house. If I had to put up with one more "ain't" or "ya'll" or any other of a million subversive contractions of the English language for that matter I would probably kill no less than 10 people every time I activated Windows XP.

Tonight I had a very attractive sounding woman named Mahla (I think that's how it's spelled) guide me through the process of activating XP. She was very thorough and precise in her manner and did not give off sort of attitude like some of the mammoth bull dyke grade school drop outs who happen to have passed a one hour seminar on how to read a piece of paper. I had the last one calling me a (and I quote) "Good fer nuffin punk kid" in a very loud voice after I explained that my MAC Address had changed and what she would need to do after she told me they would have to send a technician out to my house (which btw they do from the center there... but this isn't about those monosyllabic tree dwellers)

Anyhow, here's to all the gang at the Microsoft Activation Center in India.
If I'm ever in town I'm taking you all out for some Goat and maybe a Show.


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