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Thanks But No Thanks

Out of a whole bag of other feelings to be had, the most demoralizing one in the world is being told your pure intention was extremely rude.

Put yourself in my shoes.

You have a friend you haven't seen for a while. You hang out with this friend and find out that in 4 months he's going to have a kid. Suddenly, one day he completely disappears, and his girlfriend (whom you know through knowing him) is left seemingly in ruin.

I legitimately thought it would be a nice thing to send a message to them showing sympathy/support, because the way it seemed to me was my friend was running from a problem. It's happened before unfortunately (different circumstances), but he came back. This time I wasn't sure what to think.

So... I sent my message out of concern and to give a little hope, support, or whatever you want to call it.. And just a bit ago I got a message back saying it was really rude of me because I don't know her. I've learned from mistakes in the past, so I calmly explained it wasn't my intent to sound like a jerk, versus freaking out and making a big deal of her reaction. Even still, to think that what I did, done out of purest intention, was like a slap in the face to the person... That really ruined my day. It's like I made a pie for someone and really put some effort into it instead of just throwing one together... Then upon presentation, the receiver takes the pie and smashes it at my feet.

When I was growing up I was taught that helping others, especially when you don't have to, was a good thing. In much of my grade school life, random acts of kindness were promoted left and right by my teachers. This isn't the first time kindness has come back to bite me, but I guess I'm just stunned. Forget trying to do something like that again. Now I feel like complete crap.

On a brighter note, a job I applied for a month ago finally came through, and I will be employed for the weekends while I'm at school.


I forget if I've posted that one before, but it's a favorite cover of mine.



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