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That Old Presario Runs Sims 3

It's like having a whole new computer. It's amazing what some RAM, a GSU, a PSU and some coolers will do. Maybe the coolers weren't neccesary, but really... can you ever have enough air? Now I've got to work on my ambients.

Bought a heatsink for nothing. I wont be using it on this rig, but my next project will be a socket A frankenstein. I can lap it and use it on that one. I have learned a lot about AMD socket As. If I don't use it, I'll lose it.

Now here's the ONION. I did this all for my son who wont be able to use this rig for a while, unless it's for homework. We just got his report card and if his grades don't improve, he wont be playing any games until he's in high school. His bad grades are really my punishment too, because we have a lot of fun playing some of the oldies together like: AoE, AoE2, AoM, Crusader, RoN Thrones & Patriots, Cultures, and the AoE battlerstars/starwars version. Now that I think about it, we can probably play AoE3. I will miss my play pal for a while.

Still to come Noob, n00b, Newbie & more...


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