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The 10 Commandements Of Pc Building

Don't get me wrong, I'm not the Moses of building computers, but after seeing a buddy of mine whom I consider pretty good at putting together systems fry 1.7 tera's worth of data, 2 PCI-E video cards, and probably a processor and DDR3, I thought that I might be a good thing to send out a friendly reminder to the members of OCN through a series of ten simple rules that we all know, but that we sometimes forget out of excitement when putting together our machines. And, seeing that there's a remix of the original 10 commandments for pretty much anything, I figured that I might aswell whip out my olde-timey english.

1. Thou shall keeps backups and/or use disk redundancy. Too often do I see guys like my friend with tera's and tera's worth of hard drives containing important files like unreleased website designs, scans of bank account information, and sometimes things even more cricital, like porn, lose all of their stuff because of a defective drive or an accident involving a cat, the concerned drive(s), and ceramic flooring. Jesus didn't create automated backup scripts and RAID for nothing! Use those!

2. Thou shall not forget static. It has happened to most of us at this point. After waiting for over a week for the postman to deliver our PCB goodies, we enthusiast get overly excited about the new hardware, and once it's at our door, we grab the package from a mailman while attempting to scribble a signature from our non-dominant hand, then run to the bat-cave leaving behind a trail of sneaker marks and drool on our carpet flooring, unwrap the box to take a look, reach for the component then... the lucky ones go through an explosion of joy, while the others delve deep into depression after seeing a tiny electric arc jumping from their fingers to the nears solder point. ALWAYS ground yourself before touching hardware! Static kills!


10. Running stock shall bring to thou the thunder of the OC gods. This is probably the most important of all commandments. Stock sucks!


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