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The 21st

Ah, that time that everyone thinks ALRIGHHHHT let's party!

Yesterday was my 21st Birthday, in preparation for it I promptly cleared my phone's inbox and outbox at midnight because I knew the incoming surge Facebook wall-posts would cause and also partially out of curiosity of who would and how many would, and so I could see an easier list of who says it that actually talks to me or if it's someone that never gives me the time of day any other time.

Oh, and by the way it was about 170, with about 7 or 8 being people that never speak a word to me.

Anyway, I personally went had my work schedule changed to work in the morning so I could spend time with anyone that wanted or my family. Got out at 2pm and took probably one of the best naps of my life.

Had the usual dinner with the family, and then my grandparents came over and had cake and whatnot. Needless to say my dad made a drink for me, and my mom, and him. I was fine afterwards but my mom, deciding to crack probably the funniest thing I heard all day goes "I'm starting to feel the effects, and I don't like it at all" and proceeds to drink the rest lol.

Ah well, it may have been just another year of me not doing much on my birthday but it was nice time in general and that's what counts. Plus two of my bestfriends have promised to come drink with me so it makes it all the better, especially since she was texting me all day too :]

That's how I spent my 21st birthday in a nutshell i suppose, I do feel kinda older but, I'll always be young at heart.


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