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The Big 4 Things That Have Killed Star Wars From A Die Hard Fan

this is a continuation of my previous blog post:


and it is probably important for one to read that before understanding everything i rant along about in this blog.

Well to this posts point (s).....

The Big 4 Things That have Killed Star Wars

[i] Cannological Errors [\i]
This is a big thing to die hard star wars fans such as my self, also this is something that happens a lot in star wars, some big examples are the obvious: "Han shot first" Haden Christinsin (sorry about his name spelling) in the end of Return of the Jedi, and well, the entire Force unleashed event, (im kinda glad that's all done and over with) and well all that is bound to come with The Old republic (the chiss for example), however most of us fans kinda learn to deal with them, and we move on, and its not a game breaker for most of us, which is why its the first on the list, and not the last.

George Lucas "rules"
Well, this is a bit of a bummer for a lot of die hard star wars fans, basically Lucas made a bunch of rules, that have basically limited the franchise so that it makes his original ideas look a lot better then everything that other people have done with it since.

Examples of these rules:
No games based after ROTJ
the problem with this is that we are laced with rehashes of boring, and or stupid games, such as the force unleashed. although a good game, plot and length were brutal, and how much more can they fit in this era before we get entirely bored with it. So much has happened since the ROTJ and thus, us as die hard fans, would LOVE to continue the story of Kyle Kartran, and the rest of the EU Gang, George give it up, and let it GROW.

Nothing can happen to the big three (han, luke, leia)
This holds the franchise back because, basically eventually at this rate, star wars will hit a point where all the characters are so old, that they cant really do anything, thus the new chars, cant advance, and thus a wall is hit.

ill admit that i generally like what del-ray did, however they have killed some serious people that didn't need to be killed off (Mara-Jade-Skywalker for a huge example) and sometimes there long term series lay-outs, have dull spots where readers have to bore there way through, for a few dozen pages of action, then it ends. Although del-ray has done a good job continuing the story line of star wars, killing sith over and over again, does get kinda old, then introducing a group of sith that have lived for a few thousands of years and blah blah never before heard of seen from blah blah, now there is thousands of sith because they are from before the "rule of two" ect. is just soooooo old. Moving on

The Clone Wars
Well, you might not like this one on the list, but here's the thing, and bare in mind, there is a lot of things that us star wars hate, or just wished never, ever happened. However, this one is just the last thing that has been pushing my buttons from the start of it.

Why do i hate it so much??!?!?! well here's the deal, if u read the previous blog post, that i posted a couple weeks ago, you would understand that i am a huge star wars fan, and that i have been one basically from the beginning, and Ive grown up with it, and a lot of the novels have huge adult themes, from romances to deaths, and the Clone wars as a whole is a childish attempt to bring in a younger audience to a aged franchise.

Soooo you wanna make everything kiddish for a franchise you are forcing into a wall? common George, common. Just us fans a live action movie (like the CGI the group bioware has been doing for TOR) where its adult themed, without all the dull humor, without all the cannological errors. you could just end it like many of the artists in the 27 club, on a relatively high note, Burn out then fade away, George, what your doing to star wars is gunna do the same thing your opening crawl does.... it fades away....



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