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The Comptetition Season

As many of you probably know, I spend most of my summer/fall busy with high school marching band, busy working the BOA circuit. This year has been a little more tedious than most, we lost a large incredibly talented senior class and brought in even more freshman, so it's been interesting to say the least. Yesterday was the first major show, the BOA Florida Regional. We ended up taking second by just 15/100's of a point to one of the large programs from the Atlanta area, though they're cool people so it's OK.

My schedule is incredibly busy which is why I'm not around a lot. I go to school from 7am to 1pm, have about 2 hours off for lunch, then start rehearsals. Practice is officially over at 9pm, but there's always work to be done after that so I'm home by 10 to do homework, grab some sleep, and start again the next morning. I love it. I'm not trying to justufy my not being around a lot for you guys, but that's whats up for a few more weeks. We start some major traveling next weekend, heading up to Atlanta.

Another thing on my plate which I'm considering doing is marching drum and bugle corps. For those of you that don't know, DCI is like high school marching band, only on some major steroids. Check out DCI.org for some examples. If I do well on auditions, I hope to join up with the 2008 Blue Stars, which would mean I'd spend my summer practicing and touring the country for DCI competitions. It'll be a blast. And probably the most difficult thing I've ever done in my life.

Thats the down-low folks. I should be back soon-ish.


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