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The Compusa Tigerdirect Scam

I don't know if you saw that great deal on $139.99 e8400's, well they just pulled them all. It was scheduled to be shipped today, its not, they pulled it off the truck this morning due to an "error" but you can spend an extra $70 and get a q6600....bait and switch.

There now telling me that I can just pay an extra $70 and have a q6600 their current cheapest cpu. BAIT and SWITCH. I will post chat log in a second.

Here we go:

You have been connected to Rachael P.
Rachael P: Thank you for contacting Tigerdirect.com. How may I assist you?
Jeremy : I ordered from compusa(you guys), an e8400 and it was scheduled to be delivered today, but you guys requested that the package be shipped back to you.
Rachael P: My apologies. Please bear with me for a few moments while I figure out the issue.
Rachael P: Ok, I apologize, this item is being recalled from shipping as it was mis-marked on our site. We are offering two similar CPUS: CP2-DUO-Q6600 or CP2-DUO- Q6700.
Jeremy : ....
Jeremy : your basically screwing me over
Jeremy : You messed up and I have to pay for your mistake
Jeremy : This is how you treat customers on their first purchase from your company
Rachael P: No, this was a mis-advertisement and before the adjustment was made they were shipped. We will fully refund your entire order if you do not wish to substitute the item with one of the other CPU's.
Rachael P: I do apologize for the inconvenience
Jeremy : So my options are to pay $30 more or take one of those cpus?
Rachael P: We can request a price match of one of the replacement CPU's if you wish.
Rachael P: I apologize, I meant a discount, not price match.
Jeremy : Are you saying I can have a Q6700 as a replacement straight up for what I have paid?
Rachael P: Not for $139.99, but we can request a discount
Jeremy : So basically bait and switch?
Rachael P: Nothing about a bait and switch. It was an advertising error that we must correct. Again, we are issuing a full refund if you do not want a replacement.
Jeremy : I need a cpu, I have a customer waiting. I am going to lose money, maybe a sale. So what good is it. I lose reputation and money on all the other parts i have spent
Jeremy : So basically I have to spend more money to get any cpu.
Jeremy : or I get a refund and get nothing but the knowledge that you got to keep my $150 for a week
Rachael P: Sir, I apologize for this issue, and I wish I had another option than what I have already provided. Unfortunately, I do not.
Jeremy : How much is a q6600
Rachael P: It is $219.99
Jeremy : So what do you have thats 139.99
Rachael P: In the core 2 Quad (775) $219.99 is the least expensive.
Jeremy : Guess I will take a refund which I expect to be very very quick. You have had my money almost a week. I guess I will take all future business elsewhere.
Rachael P: As we have confirmed that the package has been rerouted, we will issue a return expedite. Once again, I can not apologize enough.
Jeremy : Ok well guess were done then, this is going to damage your companys reputation horribly


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