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ANDY!!!! Thats brilliant Sir! Wow! Thats pretty much what I want, minus the green fans, unless I went all green

What brand and model are your 5850s?

How's the cooling for them? It must be hot because theirs no room for the fan to suck air in from, or are they actually a decent temperature?

Any mods or extra pieces required to have them in there?

Is the top front fan the original red LED 140 from below? Did you rig the green LED Fans into the LED on/off switch? Oh wait, you used a custom fan controller didn't you?

How did you make the single pannel for the front top fan?

What brand is the RAM cooler?

Can you take a picture of the other side of the case? (behind the mobo, your wire managment)

What temps (idle and load at current OC) are you getting for your cpu? Do those fans have a greater static cfm than the stock fan provided by corsair?

hmm, I have more questions to ask you but I'm just really tired right now and can't think logically anymore.

Great build! It must be a beast to game with!
Originally Posted by Rogue Process View Post
Wow, that's a lot of questions hehe. Let me see what I can do here...

The 5850's are 2x Sapphire and 1 Diamond.

The cooling for the cards isn't too bad really. In 2d mode the bottom two are essentially asleep with the fans running at about 20%. The top card does get a bit toasty, but even at 100% load I've never seen it higher than 75c. That's with a 850/1200 OC on all cards too.

The top front fan is a bay cooler kit from Scythe. I put a CM R4 in it, and it fits pretty well. All fans were replaced with 120mm R4's, except the top 140mm. I am not running through the light on/off switch, all fans are installed into the contoller.

The RAM cooler is the Corsair unit that came with the Dominator GT 2000 MHz memory, it is also installed into the fan controller.

I do not have a picture of the other side of the case, but I can tell that there is ALOT going on back there. Most of the cabling is on that side. I wanted to get the 24 pin cable on that side as well, and I did somewhat, but it was too tight of a fit.

The R4's do not have a great static pressure rating, but they do a decent job. My 965 at 4 GHz idles at about 33c and peaks at 53c loaded, ambient temp of about 22c.

This is an interesting rig to which I have a lot in common with, except I'll only be going crossfire instead of tri. But same case, Same cooler, AMD Phenom II x4 9x5 c3 cpu.. I thought he had the msi 790FX mobo, but its Gigabyte. hmm, well it also has a 140mm bay cooler in the 5.25" thrusting air towards the H50 which I intend to do.

Well ok so it only has a few things in common, but its inspiring, particularly with the front 5.25" bay fan. And there's a fan controller too which is interesting and must be a tight squeeze. I don't imagine the scythe kraze master pro fitting for some reason, even though its not that big.


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