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The Day Of Reckoning

Well, it's been a busy one! This day nearly didn't arrive, due to a mishap with the HDD on collecting the goods! However, after a thorough scan, I've satisfied myself that it's ok, so on with the build!

It's been about 11 months since I last had a major fumble around a PC case, but just like riding a bike, you never forget about it. Or how much of a pain it is.
The day started with swapping my PSU into my new case - this was surprisingly easy considering the case was full. Next up was mounting the motherboard, and sadly this was as expected - a pain in the backside. Basically, it was going very well, got the motherboard mounted, and moved onto seating the CPU, which after some confusion over orientation (why don't they mark motherboards clearly anymore?!), went perfectly. It was at this point, that I realised that I needed to remove the motherboard to mount the HSF backplate :swearing: So, after some fiddling round with mounting the plate the wrong way, and then the screws the wrong way, got it all sorted and the motherboard re-fitted. RAM up next, that was easy. Then case fans, PCI-E wireless adaptor, and DVD drive. Connected all the power connectors up, and mounted the graphics card (easier than removing it from my old rig!). Mounting the HDDs was a bit difficult, as there were lots of cables in the way in that area (mostly the case lights & buttons). Anyway, got that sorted, and was ready to fly!

Plugged it in, and the first test passed - it didn't burst into flames, and everything spun up as expected. That said, I quickly realised that I'd mounted the exhaust case fan the wrong fan, and it was forcing air into the back of the case. So, had to remove it - which proved very difficult indeed! After a lot of choice words, and rage, got it re-fitted, and was ready to power up. I don't have Windows on it yet, and haven't done the backups from my old rig yet, so I decided to give Knoppix a try, as I was using it extensively on the old rig to test the new HDD. However, Knoppix didn't boot at all in the new rig - it got as far as showing 8 penguins at the top of the screen (one per thread?), and then hung. Oh well, it's been a tough day, but an enjoyable one. Despite the PITA that building a rig is, it is very satisfying once you get it completed!

In reality, this is only the halfway stage - you can't go too far wrong with building a rig unless you break something. Next up is the software side, and getting the system just like I had the old rig, just with a new Windows install. So, backups tomorrow, followed by a fresh install of Vista, and then a lot of praying that restoring the backups is successful! If it is, I'll be posting my next blog from the new rig rather than my netbook!


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