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The Deviant Art Phenomena

Okay, so for a long time I've seen my friends go on deviant art, mind you i have a lot of artistic friends, and have been nagged multiple times to join. X_X My drawing skills are horrid. Why?
Read this:
-No sense of movement when it comes to cloth
-Drawings always turn out flat looking with no dimension
-I stink horrendously with shading/shadows
-I could not draw proportionately if my life depended on it.
-Poop.... just poop...

Those are why. However, I am fairly decent when im looking off an image online or in a book and drawing it so hopefully that will make me better.
In recent events, my friend asked me to draw an eevee for her so I did... It is now up at my newly made Deviant Art
As well as other doodles I will be adding shortly.


If you draw tell me about your skills and your various experiences. What do you like to draw?


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