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The First Blog

So wanted to make a blog lol, dunno what about but ill do my poetry to start with I suppose.

In the dark depths of this world we have made for ourselves, is there no light at the end of any of us, is there no true release from our life.

Like a horde of ants we rush place to place never stopping to breathe or to get to know the guy standing next to us.

Even those in our own familes hardly seem to know us anymore. To busy to slow down in our lifes to the point where we all go mad.

Oh what a great life our fathers fathers must have had, a time to take a break, and a time to make a friend in this world.

What a time it must have been to be out of contact for even 5 minutes with the world, before the phone and the radio.

Long forgotten nights of a family sitting around a fire talking about there day, long forgotten days where you sat on a poarch staring at the grass.

Like ants going from place to place, mankind has changed so very much, but is it for the better, or are we merly exisiting.

Is this life, are we truley alive with the way we live today. Can you call what we have a life, or is our entire exisitance devoted to money and things.

Are we as humans really dead and grasping at straws, and how often do we stand back to say we are going to fast.

Will a simpler time return where we are free once more from the day to day chores of our life. Oh a return to a simple life, how grand that could truley be


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