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The First Of Many Days

Well as first days go today was very similar and very different at the same time. I woke up really early (6:00am) for late start at 8:30 rather than the usual start at 7:30. I woke and just watched sportscenter and texted my friend for a ride to school.

When I walked the halls looked exactly the same, it seemed that I just left yesterday for summer break. Then I happened to bump into something, that something happened to be a freshman. He looked like he was 11. Thats when I realized that their are no "older kids".

(Wont bore you with the details)

So after the principal talked for what seemed forever I made my way to Calculus. The teacher seemed laid back and cool, he introduced himself and went to give us the usual warning about how the class wont be easy and not all of us will get A's. So on my class rating scale of hardness Calc gets half a joke.

After Calc I made it to Issues, which is mandatory class for everybody. Some of my friends took it as a juniors so i knew what to expect when I walked in. I had the same teacher that I had last year for Advanced Placement US, so she called on me a lot which wasn't to my liking to much but i dealt. When she handed out the syllabus, most of seniors got a laugh because the curriculum is really lax.
Issues: joke

English was pointless because the teacher was out so we were able to talk for the entire period.

Physics the teacher didnt even take attendance he started writing on the board and told us to take notes. Which was a big shock to me and the rest of the class. The teacher was like I know most of you think that since you took Chem Honors and AP Bio you think you can just waltz into Physics and get handed an A, no not happening. : Took notes for the rest period.
Physics: no-joke

Lunch nothing really just ate and sat next to this girl named Tara,

Earth Science is remedial freshman class, 'nough said. Joke

Gym is gym

Environmental seems like fun get to go on field trips never been on one so thats basically why I took that class. The teacher was cool and pretty funny so it seems like it should go well.

Gov is my hardest class, the teacher was just like I know most of you are A history students but this is a political science course so don't expect the same. Then we did 100 questions from the naturalization form they were easy the questions were like: Who was the first president? What colors are the US flag? etc. etc.

After School: Went to soccer practice for my club team and it was hard. The Coach wanted to wake us up from "school syndrome". We ran the normal drill and scrimmaged the girls team. So I was talking to Tara who I sat next to lunch and she invited me to her psych party, which was weird because their was unwritten rule if the girls are having party the guys were invited and vice versa. I was going to sit down on the bench and moved her prosthetic arm, and she flipped out at me. So that put a downer on the end of my day.

That was my day I know today post was boring but thats really how my day went, I will get more into the social aspects later in the year when they develop.


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