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The Great Divide

Why as PC gamers do we feel the need to belittle other gamers of other platforms just because they choose to not game on our platform or by our methods?

Do they not have the right to enjoy their life, the way they legally want to, without harassment?

Why do we feel the need to tell a gamer that using a control pad means that they suck, despite their own previous experience that nobody could have a hope of even knowing without actually knowing them, or having even played with them?

Does it really matter how they play? If they're comfortable and enjoying themselves what difference does it make to you? Would you rather play wit a happy gamer, or a frustrated gamer?

Why do we feel the need to make a point that PC games have higher resolution and higher frames per second and mods when consoles don't? We all know that PCs are capable of great things, alot of gamers across all platforms know this too. So why does it always lead to general asshattery whenever someone mentions a console to a PC gamer?

Do we really need to justify the amount of money we have spent on our rigs by bashing people who play on another platform or who uses a different input device? By poking at the things they can't do that we can? Do we really have to set the standard so high just so another gamer can have fun?

Is it really that important to our egos?

We all have the freedom to do whatever we want in life, that's why we game on a PC, because we have a degree of freedom. A degree of freedom that some say is potentially killing the PC gaming industry off, while others argue it makes PC gaming stronger.

But other people also have the freedom to game on their platform of choice, their control device of choice, at their own resolutions.

Sometimes restriction is a good thing, because the more you get the more you want, and when you don't get what you expect it causes frustration, people will stamp their feet in unison and cry about what they haven't got.

"Why have you forgotten about us?!"

Gaming has moved forward to a different evolution. No amount of tears are going to be wiped. PC gaming is far from dead, but now there are also other platforms that divide gamers rather than bring them together.

But then these platforms are hardly a new concept. Consoles have been around for years. Is it because technology and the internet has evolved so much that a divide has been drawn?

Me, as a PC and console gamer, I'm greatful to be someone who has the best of everything. Someone who can appreciate something for what it is, not for what it isn't.

Certainly not everyone can be in that boat, and I can respect that for certain. But before you look down on someone else for their choices and preferences in life just sit back and think about it. You make your own choices and have your own preferences too.

I'm sure you would want other people to respect them.

Please note articles posted on my blog are solely the opinion of myself, and myself only. Please do not take anything as literal fact.



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