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The Human Brain

Well I got a phone call from my Ex today. It's been a year and a half and she's still heartbroken over me. Being a guy, naturally I've pushed it to the side and I do not care. Time has passed, life has been lived... time to move on of course. Which got me into the thought of the human brain.

I like to think in analogies when I compare stuff. I do this a lot.

How does the human brain work? How does it store the information? The only logical analogy I can think of is RAM. The brain is like a giant single core CPU, with like... 18 Petabytes of RAM. (Could be more or less, figure of speech). We retain information with electrical charges. And I say RAM instead of Hard Drive because... When RAM is powered off... all the information is lost. Similar to the brain. All of our lives, our brain is powered on. When you die, the electricity is turned off and all your infinite amounts of knowledge is lost. It seems like such a waste. Countless amounts of data thrown out the window every day that could be benefiting someone. A stroke could simulate a crash, or BSOD. Where some data is lost

How do we spontaneously think of and generate random data? How do we interpret electrical frequencies in the mind. A computer interpretation can be explained, the mind... not so much.



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