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The Importance Of Good Cleaning

So I just went round to my dads the other day to use his compressor to clean out the inside of my computer. Which I have to say had been rather neglected for about 2 years.

The temps inside my computer where mental SMP client folding would cause the computer to shut down due to over heating if the right panel was left on (mainly due to poor air flow) and it wouldn't get much better at 82C with the panel off. But since the dusting I am pleased to see that with the panel off my machine doesn't go over 70C and at the time I write this post its running at 56C with the hottest core at 59C. Whilst at idle there has been at least a 10C reduction on CPU temps with it now running between 30 and 34C instead of 42C to 45C.

As for the air flow I'm planning on working on that and once I have completed the WU that the SMP client is on I will be making a 3D sketchup to demostrate the idea I have.

I'm also planning on getting the Prolimatech Megahalems Super 6 Heatpipe Tower Cooler to be able to OC my Q6600.


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