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The Metal Gear Solid Craze

im in. totally.


i have only just completed MGS1, and im now up to the plant chapter of MGS2. the tanker chapter was really short and kinda easy...compared to the first game. im only playing on Normal though.

im hooked on this game like crazy, cant believe i never played them before now. i have MGS4 still in its factory sealed wrapper just waiting to be played, but im not touching it until i get the other ones finished.

MGS3 i started, but im not the biggest fan. i think maybe coz i tried it before any of the others and i wasnt used to the gameplay. may try it again later.

Hideo Kojima is one intelligent mofo...he's also about as wacky as Lewis Carrol when he wrote Alice in Wonderland. some of the storyline, well most of it, along with the characters, are just crazy haha. makes you love it more though right?

i kinda hope they DONT make a movie out of this game...theres no way they could pull it off and honour the legacy that MGS has created. theres just too much involved to cover even part of it. each game would need its own 3 hour movie at least lol. maybe if they made a cartoon-animated movie on it, so they can better represent the scale of the story. for some reason, i dont think the casual viewer would buy into a real life picture of one man taking on a 45-foot nuclear walking tank with a shoulder-operated stinger missile system.


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