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The Mod

Ok now on to the difficult subject of the mod itself. I am feeling cheap and inexperienced, so I have opted to do the pre-mod case window for this computer. Colors so far are purple and yellow, since I like purple, and my mobo is done in mostly yellow UV reactive slots and black mainboard.
That black and yellow scheme got me thinking. It is a simple color paring often associated (be me) with industrial warning signs. It was at that point that I stumbled upon this . I like yellow kinda. And I know I like Fallout 3, so what to do what to do? Ah! Of course! Make a rig themed around fallout and radiation...ness.
My plans as they stand right now are to put two sets of dual Logysis cathodes (UV and Purple) on the inside edge of the case window, run all PS cables that dont get threaded through the back through this on the bottom of the case, and hopefully not make it look like a spider nest.
The LED fan will be removed from the window and replaced with something like this because it is mostly clear and silent. Although the wholly clear Antec offering might do the trick when coupled with the Sunbeam Rheobus fan controller that is slotted for the second front drive....slot. Im also planning to pop the LEDs out of the controller knobs, and according to what Ive read, one can just pull the knobs off and pry the LEDs out, but Ill figure that out when the parts get here.
Im planning to put a Kama Mini Thermometer inside the case for fun and basically unreliable ambient temperature readings. Also on the inside, maybe on part of the drive bays or next to the mobo...maybe a glow in the dark case badge, Ill put a radiation symbol. My other option right now is a translucent case window sticker, which I would probably keep the backing on, fix to the back of the case...somehow and in some location, and make it look aged. The way to do this stuff I would have to figure out...havent got past planning yet. I would also like to put one or maybe more images of Vault Boy somewhere on the case, maybe one of these. Perhaps as a sort of case badge or window sticker...ideas?
I would also like to put a Vault Tec Logo somewhere on the case. If it would be possibe, perhaps as a replacement for the metal NZXT badge on the front of the case.

That's all Ive got for now, ideas/comments/suggestions always welcome.


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