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The Money Or Nothing

Well I'm currently working at my first job that I've had for over a year. I work at a restaurant as a dishwasher, AKA everybody's *****.

I'm sick of getting treated like garbage for such little pay.
I'm sick of having to let my boss know 2 weeks ahead of time when I need a day off... Who schedules anything less than a vacation 2 weeks ahead of time?
I'm also sick of the fact that I sweat my arse off because he doesn't A/C the kitchen. (Hit over 40C yesterday and about 38C tonight)

Buuuut. I want to go to Europe for 14 days with school which will cost me $3500. My parents can't afford it all so I have to work to pay for it so I can;t just quit. Plus no one is hiring because thanks to the idiotic media who overexcite and embellish EVERYTHING... No one is hiring.

OK no more ranting about everything but this certainly has been bottling up within me for a while and I needed to let loose a bit. Sorry about any grammar and spelling errors



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